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Learn The Secrets Of Successful American Businessmen
Have you ever wished you could travel to the United States to learn first-hand the inside story of successful American businessmen and women?  Well now you can!  BusinessTours USA has developed a complete travel package exclusively for foreign businessmen and women just like you. 

Imagine spending quality time with leaders who are the best in their field.  Men and women who have started from small, humble beginnings and through hard work and determination have built their businesses into thriving and successful organizations.

Why are these men and women successful?  Because they have taken the time to instill their values, their work ethic, their skills and expertise into every manager and employee they have.  They know the value of setting goals and formulating plans that bring success.  They know what it takes to build a successful, thriving enterprise no matter where that business is located.

But here痴 the exciting news.  These businessmen want to share what they have learned with you.  They want to help you build your business, help you realize your dreams, help you learn skills and strategies that you will use your whole life long.

When you come to America and participate in the BusinessTours USA program you will:

  • Spend 14 days visiting and touring (11 days in Tulsa, Oklahoma and 3 days in Dallas, Texas).  This is the Heartland of America. 
  • Attend Business Training sessions.  These sessions will be hosted by prominent area businessmen who are tops in their field and are designed to give you first hand knowledge of successful business leaders and the strategies they use.
  • Participate in Motivational Seminars.  Well-known motivational speakers will visit with your group in a small, intimate setting.  These seminars will expand your horizons and give you a new perspective in achieving your personal and business goals.
  • Tour several local businesses.  You値l view successful business strategies in action, learn customer service skills and get great ideas you can use in your business.
  • Tour local government offices.  Learn how to view the government as your friend in business.  Government agencies have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to share that information with you.
  • Visit local museums and attend exciting cultural and sporting events.  Your trip is not just business alone.  We致e got lots of fun activities planned as well as plenty of free time to visit local sites and shops.
  • Enjoy the best in dining, lodging and entertainment.  Your BusinessTours USA package includes two meals per day, lodging and entertainment.  You値l taste the local fare and feast on sumptuous evening meals while experiencing the finest in entertainment.

A Small Investment.  A Great Return.
For a small investment of just $3,995 you will have access to all the events and activities listed above plus you値l rest assured knowing that all transportation, lodging, two daily meals, gratuities and entertainment are included during your stay.  The only cash you will need is what you wish to spend on additional meals or snacks and shopping. 

Please note: Airfare is not included in this package price.  You will be responsible for booking and paying for your round trip airfare.  BusinessTours USA will be happy to assist you in obtaining the best possible price when planning and booking reservations for airfare. 

Make This The Turning Point Of Your Life!
This is your opportunity!  We値l give you a whole new perspective on business, we値l awaken your creative spirit, and you値l gain a huge advantage over your business rivals back home.  Now is the best time to take advantage of this special offer.  Take the important next step and click here to get your personal information kit and begin now to change your life!
BusinessTours USA遥our number one choice for business knowledge and growth.  Helping you take your business to the next level!



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